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Encroachments, although often unintentional, occur when people misjudge the boundaries of their property and build a structure on or over a boundary line, causing problems when either property goes on the market for sale.

Surveys for Lenders and Realtors


Trust E.R. Gray to provide a variety of surveying services to help you meet the needs of your single site or multi-site projects.

• Land Title Surveys
• Surveyor Location Report, SLR
• ALTA Land Title Surveys
• Property Surveys
• Boundary Surveys
• Farm Surveys
• Estate Surveys
• Mortgage Surveys
• Land Development
• Commercial-Industrial Surveys
• Flood Elevation Certificates
• Topographic Survey Maps
• Flood Zone Determination
• LOMA's / LOMR's
• Rezone Applications
• Subdivisions
• Site Plans

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